Ashton Global emerging manager and seed capital solutions. Capital introductions for niche investment managers and ESG funds.

Who We Serve

Emerging manager solutions for institutional investors, family offices, public and private pension plans, and financial advisors

Communication is the key to trust and confidence

Transparent goals and operations at an emerging firm are necessary to attract capital and maintain relationships with investors. Our thorough and timely performance reporting allows us to maintain an open and transparent dialogue about the investments of our emerging managers. We are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Ashton Global matches a network of institutional investors with emerging and diverse managers.
Manager Introductions

Seed Investors

Ashton Global matches a network of institutional investors with emerging and diverse managers.

We provide consulting, due diligence, and monitoring on emerging manager programs for a variety of seed capital providers.

Our interests remain aligned with our seed capital providers and we always maintain an independent perspective.

Seeking the benefits of emerging and diverse managers

Our Capital Providers

Hedge Funds

Family Offices

Taft-Hartley Plans

State and Municipal Pension Plans

Fund of Funds

Global Banks

Financial Advisors

How we create value for institutions

Ashton Global matches high-quality emerging managers with institutional investors

Manager Introductions

Introductions to new sources of alpha from niche and emerging investment managers

We perform rigorous background and reference checks and look for anything that could be a red flag for investors.

Portfolio Monitoring

Rigorous due diligence, background checks, and performance monitoring for emerging manager programs

Introductions to new sources of alpha from niche and emerging investment managers

Portfolio Construction

Providing access to leveraged exposure to emerging managers through the use of structured notes and/or swaps with our global banking partners

Ethics and Transparency

Why Ashton Global?

Primary focus on ethics and fiduciary responsibility

Investment team with experience in emerging, frontier, and private markets

Institutional manager due diligence experience gained at Cambridge Associates, the world's largest investment consulting firm

World-class legal team and service providers to ensure a fully transparent investment process

Our Process

How we create value for emerging managers

Capital Introductions

Emerging Managers

Success in the hedge fund industry is driven by people. We provide emerging managers with an infrastructure of support, mentoring, and capital provided by sophisticated long-term investors that are committed to helping them grow.

Depending on the strategy, a manager can receive a preliminary term sheet within a month after contacting us. A seed capital transaction can typically be closed in less than 90 days after receiving an offer from one or more of our capital providers, assuming standard legal documentation and fund structures.

Proven Growth Strategies

Scaling Emerging Managers

Introductions to institutional investors

Fact sheets and marketing brochures

Website design consulting

Media coverage through exposure on various channels

Digital marketing via email, call programs, social media, video and print

Speaking opportunities at conferences and events

Targeted outreach to existing financial advisors, family office clients, and fund of funds

Key Partnerships and Prudent Manager Selection

Our Investment Process

Having a unique edge and pipeline of interesting investment ideas is crucial for attracting certain investors. Developing and articulating a plan for growth is also essential for scaling emerging fund managers and retaining long-term investors.

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