Investing in Companies That Outperform is a Primary Goal at Ashton Global, and ESG Helps Us Do That

ESG Adds Value for Our Investors

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is a relatively new approach that continues to evolve. ESG criteria developed gradually over the last few decades, and private fund managers must keep adapting their interpretations to meet changing investor demands.

Above all, private fund managers must be aware that ESG criteria are likely to play a larger role in the future. We integrate ESG with other fundamental factors when making investment decisions. ESG issues are also a meaningful part of our discussions with fund managers. 

A Commitment to Our Investors

It is possible to focus on ESG without sacrificing returns

Firms with high environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings are better at retaining customers and employees, cutting costs, and managing the regulatory and compliance landscape.

It is possible to focus on ESG without sacrificing returns, in fact, we have seen higher returns from ESG-focused entities.

Integrating ESG in the Investment Process

Incorporating ESG criteria is increasingly crucial for private fund managers due to the concerns of their investors. High-net-worth individuals have the money to invest in causes they support and generally have little interest in taking unnecessary ethical risks. Furthermore, institutional investors are acutely aware of the trust that has been placed in them to uphold the values of the institutions that they represent.

At Ashton Global, we maintain close relationships with private fund managers that help to ensure that investor values are maintained while providing access to a world of private equity opportunities. Our portfolio managers implement ESG by using several different approaches. We evaluate the effects of ESG on revenue and cash from operations, cost of capital, and on brand perception for the companies we invest in. We also carefully evaluate the environmental and labor standards for our potential investments.

Accountability and Transparency

Corporate Governance is a Key Focus

We maintain a vigilant focus on governance because it is an easy and effective way to mitigate risks. We prefer independent boards, few related party transactions, and simple organization structures. 

Good governance also involves establishing procedures that embody best practices and a focus on compliance.

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With Ashton Global I have experienced an investment service which is personable, professional, honest, and very educational. Along with advising on investment strategies which have yielded increased growth within my portfolios, Ashton Global also took the time to ensure I better understood the markets and trends associated with my investments.

Leonard Morgan, Engineer, Virginia Beach, VA

Have known the principal of Ashton Global for over 20 years and have worked with Ashton Global on understanding and choosing the right investments. They are knowledgeable, always prepared for our discussions and ready to answer any questions I have. Great to work with.

Damon Brown, Attorney, Baltimore, MD

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