Investing in Companies That Outperform is a Primary Goal at Ashton Global, and ESG Helps Us Do That

Maintaining investor values while providing access to a world of private investment opportunities

Continuous Improvement

ESG adds value for our investors

ESG adds value for our investors

A Commitment to Our Investors

Higher returns from ESG investing

Firms with high environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings are better at retaining customers and employees, cutting costs, and managing the regulatory and compliance landscape.

It is possible to focus on ESG without sacrificing returns, in fact, we have seen higher returns from ESG-focused entities.

The ESG Framework at Ashton Global

ESG in the investment process

The ESG Framework at Ashton Global

Accountability and Transparency

Corporate governance is a key focus

We maintain a vigilant focus on governance because it is an easy and effective way to mitigate risks. We prefer independent boards, few related party transactions, and simple organization structures. 

Good governance also involves establishing procedures that embody best practices and a focus on compliance.

Investing in Water

Most conventional assets offer lower expected returns following substantial economic setbacks during the coronavirus pandemic, making water-related investments more attractive.

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Niche Investments in Water Infrastructure

There is an enormous unfulfilled demand for water infrastructure. Private investors who meet that demand may be able to earn excess returns while supporting the sustainable development of public resources.

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ESG Considerations for Private Fund Managers

ESG criteria developed gradually over the last few decades, and private fund managers must keep adapting their interpretations to meet changing investor demands.

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ESG Strategies
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