Welcome to the FAQs for Ashton Global Emerging Managers (AGEM). We aim to address some of the commonly asked questions regarding the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ashton Global

Welcome to the FAQs for Ashton Global. We aim to address some commonly asked questions regarding the application process. 

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Q: Can overseas-based funds apply for seed capital?
A: Yes, overseas-based funds can apply for seed capital; however, having a US-based account or fund increases the probability of receiving seed capital. It is important to note that we do not work with managers based in offshore tax havens.

Q: Do you have managers with forex, cryptocurrency, or blockchain strategies?
A: No, we do not provide seed capital for forex, blockchain, or cryptocurrency strategies.

Q: What is the fee for managers to apply?
A: Our services are completely free of charge for fund managers.

Q: What is the average size seed investment?
A: The seed transaction size can range from $5 million to $25 million. This investment can be structured as a one-time initial investment into a commingled fund or as a separately-managed account. Additionally, seed investments may include a credit line accessible for specific transactions or co-investments.

Q: How long is the seed capital committed for?
A: Generally, our transactions involve permanent capital for the emerging manager. In exchange for a seed investment, the capital provider receives a discounted management fee and a minority interest in the management company or general partner.

Q: What kind of investment strategies does Ashton Global focus on?
A: Ashton Global actively seeks managers with unique and specialized investment strategies. Niche strategies that are capacity constrained are generally the best fit for our platform. Alternative investment strategies, litigation finance, and private equity are also a key focus.

Q: In which areas does Ashton Global specialize?
A: Ashton Global specializes in public and private equity, credit, special situations, and venture capital.

Q: How long does it take to close a transaction with a capital provider?
A: On average, it takes four to six months to close a transaction with Ashton Global. This timeline ensures thorough due diligence for every seed transaction.

Q: Are there specific types of managers that Ashton Global is particularly interested in?
A: We seem to always have high demand for small-cap, micro-cap, and special situations fund managers.

Q: What is the target return for the strategies seeded by Ashton Global?
A: Ashton Global aims to deliver a net return of 20% annually to the capital providers on our platform.

Q: How can I apply for seed capital from Ashton Global?
A: The application process begins by applying through our online portal. Candidates can expect to receive a response within one to two weeks and will be invited to schedule an initial video call.