Ashton Global uses a global network across a variety of industries and disciplines to source undiscovered investment managers that are capable of generating sustainable alpha over time. We provide a platform for institutional investors.


Key Partnerships and Prudent Manager Selection

Manager development and our network of capital providers support the world's leading emerging manager platform

initial screening and due diligence

No Red Flags Allowed

Ashton Global seeks to place ethical and exceptional investment managers with institutional seed capital providers. Simply put, our mission is to "bring good people together".

We perform rigorous background and reference checks and look for anything that could be a red flag for investors.

Ashton Global acts as a "referee" to ensure that only the highest-quality managers and capital providers have access to our platform.

Investor Meetings and capital introductions

Meeting Preparation and Mentoring

Once we are comfortable with a manager's background and investment strategy, our consultants mentor managers on how to successfully articulate their investment strategy to institutional investors.

We provide fund presentations, marketing materials, and conference call preparation to facilitate seed capital transactions.

This stage of the process usually takes one to three months depending on the experience of the manager.

Investment Strategies

What we like

Niche Private Equity Strategies

Small-Cap and Micro-Cap Equity

Unique Bond Strategies

Special Situations

Litigation-Related Investments

Real Estate and Sale-Leasebacks

Royalty Streams

Long/Short Equity

We encourage new managers to apply

Emerging managers with at least $500,000 of assets invested in a niche strategy are encouraged to apply. We evaluate all types of investment strategies and we operate globally. In short, we look at everything. From power trading in Central Europe to private equity in Africa, we have potential seed capital providers that may be interested. The strategies that attract the most interest are niche strategies, with small capacities, in jurisdictions with a stable rule of law.

Investment Strategies

What we don't like

Large-Cap Equity

Foreign Exchange

Oil and Gas



EB-5 Projects

Presenting your strategy to investors

After a rigorous application process, managers may be selected to present their investment strategy to a variety of suitable institutional investors. Investors can include funds of funds, pension funds, family offices, or high-net-worth financial advisors.

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Structuring your seed capital transaction

After successful discussions with investors, managers may be offered a seed investment. A series of conference calls with the seed capital provider and the emerging manager will help to clarify terms related to the transaction. The manager will then have roughly two weeks to accept or decline the offer.

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Launching your fund with long-term capital

After accepting an offer, the attorneys for the seed capital provider will draft and finalize documentation related to the seed transaction. This includes management agreements, fee structures, setting up custodian accounts, and resolving any tax considerations for the investment manager. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Emerging Manager Program

Please review the FAQs to learn more about the application and due diligence process for our emerging manager program.

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How to Effectively Engage with Family Offices

Our consultants help managers to engage with family offices, including advice on what strategies they're looking for, how to present your firm, and best practices for building effective relationships.

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Strategies for Engaging with Institutional Investors

Having a unique edge and pipeline of interesting investment ideas is crucial for attracting institutional investors.

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The Rise of Emerging Managers

Investing in emerging managers presents a unique opportunity for investors to capitalize on the potential for superior returns, diversify their portfolios, and support the growth of talented individuals in the financial industry.

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