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Emerging Managers

The emerging manager platform for institutional investors, hedge funds, and family offices

Ashton Global matches high-quality emerging managers with institutional investors

access institutional-quality emerging managers

Institutional Investors

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Providing the platform for managers to access capital

Emerging Managers

We have a commitment to match new and diverse managers with an infrastructure of support, mentoring, and capital provided by sophisticated long-term investors.

Our incentive structure allows for all stakeholders to participate in “win-win” seed transactions.

Launch a hedge Fund

Grow your firm by using our turnkey manager solutions

Financial Advisors

Ashton Global uses a global network across a variety of industries and disciplines to source undiscovered investment managers that are capable of generating sustainable alpha over time.

Investing in a new generation of asset managers

Ashton Global
Emerging Managers

The World's Leading Emerging Manager Platform for Institutional Investors

Is your strategy a good fit for a seed capital transaction?

Our seed capital transactions can range from $5 million to $25 million depending on the investment strategy. We invite you to use the form below to start the process.

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