the key hurdles faced by emerging investment managers

The Challenges Facing Emerging Investment Managers

In today's highly competitive investment landscape, emerging investment managers face a unique set of challenges as they strive to raise capital and scale. Below are some of the key hurdles faced by emerging managers and we share proven strategies to overcome them.

1. Establishing Credibility and Building Trust

One of the primary challenges for emerging investment managers is to establish credibility and build trust with potential investors. With limited track records and resources, these managers must find innovative ways to showcase their expertise and differentiate themselves from established players. Transparency, professionalism, and consistent performance are vital elements in gaining the trust of investors.

We recommend publishing articles or regular commentary on investment ideas which help allocators to see how a manager thinks in real time. For private investment strategies, podcasts with industry experts on a weekly or monthly basis can help position the manager as an expert in the field. This will also lead to speaking opportunities at live events which will help to grow your network and drive investors towards your fund. 

2. Raising Sufficient Capital

Raising sufficient capital is another significant challenge for emerging investment managers. Limited financial resources, coupled with the need to compete with larger and more established firms, can make capital raising a formidable task. To overcome this challenge, emerging managers must focus on articulating their unique value proposition to potential investors interested in that particular type of strategy.

Building a strong network of contacts within the industry, attending industry events, and leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify LPs can also help to attract capital. Hosting events or networking happy hours can also be a good way for managers to connect with professionals interested in their investment theme.

3. Developing Robust Operational Infrastructure

Efficient operational infrastructure is crucial for emerging investment managers to streamline their processes and deliver consistent performance. However, limited resources and the need to balance operational expenses with investment performance can pose significant challenges. Investing in technology solutions, automation, and outsourcing certain non-core functions can help emerging managers optimize their operational efficiency and allocate more time and resources to investment research and analysis.

4. Adhering to Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with ever-evolving regulatory requirements is a significant challenge faced by all investment managers, including emerging ones. As regulatory frameworks become more stringent, emerging managers must dedicate time and resources to ensure they remain compliant with reporting, disclosure, and investor protection standards. Engaging legal and compliance professionals or partnering with third-party service providers can assist emerging managers in navigating complex regulatory requirements, allowing them to focus on core investment activities. We do not recommend engaging these service providers prior to having hard commitments from LPs.

5. Differentiating in a Competitive Landscape

The investment management industry is highly competitive, and emerging managers need to find ways to differentiate themselves from established players. Developing a strong brand identity, clearly articulating their unique investment approach and philosophy through published research, and showcasing expertise in niche markets or specialized strategies are essential for standing out. Building a robust online presence, leveraging social media platforms, and participating in industry conferences and forums can help emerging managers increase their visibility and attract potential investors.

How Does Ashton Global Help Emerging Managers?

Emerging investment managers face a range of challenges as they strive to establish themselves in the competitive investment landscape. Ashton Global provides resources to develop managers enabling them to raise capital and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.