Investing in Emerging Managers

Investing in Emerging Managers

As a Chief Investment Officer, you are always on the lookout for investment opportunities that can deliver the desired returns for your clients. Emerging managers, with their exceptional talent and innovative strategies, are fast becoming the go-to choice for institutional investors.

Family offices represent a significant share of private wealth globally and have a growing appetite for alternative investments. Ashton Global provides opportunities for emerging managers and family offices to benefit from each other and create a mutually beneficial partnership.

A Perfect Match: Emerging Managers and Family Offices

Family offices are increasingly looking to diversify their portfolios, going beyond traditional investments. Emerging managers represent a promising avenue for investment, given that they often have unique strategies, and their smaller size allows for greater flexibility and nimbleness. At the same time, emerging managers can gain access to the family offices' network and capital, boosting their growth prospects.

Shared Values and Vision

Emerging managers and family offices are generally entrepreneurial, innovative and have a long-term investment horizon. Emerging managers often have a comprehensive understanding of the market and can identify opportunities beyond mainstream investments. Family offices, on the other hand, appreciate the importance of preserving their wealth for future generations and hence tend to have a more conservative investment approach. However, they are also open to take calculated risks and seek higher returns, which makes them ideal partners for emerging managers.

Smaller Size, Greater Flexibility

Emerging managers are typically less established and have smaller assets under management than their larger counterparts. This makes them more agile, adaptable, and nimble, allowing them to pivot quickly in response to market changes. Family offices appreciate such flexibility, as they are often more willing to take on risks when presented with unique investment opportunities. Family offices tend to be relationship-driven. They value trust, integrity, and transparency when investing in managers.

Emerging managers, on the other hand, need support and guidance when starting their funds. Building a long-term relationship with family offices can help emerging managers develop their business and improve their investment process. 

Emerging Managers: The Future of Investment Management

The investment world is rapidly changing, and emerging managers are at the forefront of this transformation. These managers bring unique approaches to investing, often leading the way when it comes to innovation and technology. By aligning with the right partners, emerging managers can expect to gain access to capital, an institutional reference, and referrals, while family offices stand to benefit from identifying unique investment opportunities and diversifying their portfolios.